Biography of Entrepreneur & Blog Writer Tapash Kumar

Tapash Kumar

Blogger and online creator Tapas Kumar is an entrepreneur. He was born on 30 November 1994. He is the founder and director of Purnima Computers, Sirajganj. Although he studied political science and law department, he is currently managing a business company called Purnima Computers as an entrepreneur and successful businessman. Tapas Kumar is a known and respected blogger, digital creator and successful businessman based in Bangladesh.

Apart from running Purnima Computers as a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Tapas Kumar enjoys personal research. He also works in web design and development and internet security. He has also worked as a journalist for some time in popular local weekly, daily and offline news portals. 

He is currently studying law as well as researching to reduce online spamming and removing fake information online and manages Purnima Computer with utmost precision. His facebook profile link is Also he writes as a regular blogger writer on his personal website He mainly presents various information about gaining knowledge about technology. Also writes various helpful tutorial blogs on how to work on online portals. Usually he works for the welfare and benefit of people.
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